Spencer Elementary School

Parent Involvement Plan


Mission Statement: We the faculty, staff, parents, and community of Spencer Elementary School believe in creating a challenging, safe, and rewarding educational environment that facilitates optimal lifelong opportunities to meet the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs of our diversified student body.

Spencer Elementary School believes that a child’s education is the responsibility of the school, the student, and the parents equally.  To support this belief the following Parental Involvement Plan has been implemented.

1.      Parent Involvement Meetings will be held annually with the following to participate:

a.       Parents of students in grades Pre-school – 5

b.      Meeting will be held according to parent’s schedules (Mornings, midday, afternoons, etc.)

2.       Communication between the school and parents is essential.

a.       Two parent-teacher conferences will be held every school year.

b.      Report Cards and/or Progress Reports will be sent home every three weeks.

c.       Global Connect telephone messages will be sent home with important school events and dates.

d.      Communication to parents will be in a format and in a language they can understand (to the extent practicable)

3.       Parents will be a part of the planning of the school year.

a.       Parent committees will be formed for the School Improvement Plan (SIP).

b.      Any parent can request a meeting on the needs of parental involvement.

c.       Parents will be encouraged to be a part of the school curriculum review.

4.       Parents are encouraged to volunteer at the school.

a.       Spencer Elementary School is open to parents daily.  Parents may come by the office and sign-in on the volunteer roster (Spencer Elementary School has a Volunteer Roster on which we record volunteer hours when parents come to school to help with our programs), get a name badge, and volunteer.

b.      Faculty and staff of Spencer Elementary School will always be professional and respectful to guest.

c.       Faculty and staff will be trained in how to reach out to parents and community.