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Arrive at the bus stop ten minutes before scheduled pickup time. It is important that your student arrive at the bus stop on time. We cannot wait for your student to come out of the house, off of the porch, or get out of a vehicle once the bus has arrived. While waiting for the bus, students must stand away from the road.  Younger students should be permitted to load first.


Students are only permitted to get on or off the bus at their assigned stop. To get off the bus at any other location on the assigned route the student is required to have a form signed by the principal. Guest riders with a form are only permitted to ride on a space available basis.


Students must depart from the bus in an orderly manner. Students should move away from the bus promptly to a location at least 10 feet from the roadway. If crossing the roadway the student should be at least 10 feet in front of the bus and be able to see the driver's face. They should not cross the road until the driver waves to them that it is safe.



Students are under the supervision and control of the bus driver while on the bus, and all reasonable directions given shall be followed by showing consideration and respect for the bus driver and your fellow students. The school bus is an extension of school activity; therefore, students shall conduct themselves on the bus in a manner consistent with the established standards for safety and classroom behavior.


The principal of the student shall be informed by the bus driver of any serious discipline problem and may be called upon to assist if necessary. Upon recommendation by the bus driver, a student may be denied the privilege of riding the bus if the principal determines that the student's behavior is such as to cause disruption on the bus, or if the student disobeys state or local rules and regulations pertaining to student transportation.


All Van Buren County School Buses are equipped with camera systems.  These cameras record at all times and the video will be used as needed to settle misbehavior problems on the bus as the principal sees fit.



Emergency exits must be free from obstructions at all times. The bus driver may prohibit any equipment or object considered to be dangerous to the safety and welfare of those on board. Student possessions may not be placed in the aisle, in front of the bus or on the floor. Ball equipment and class projects will be permitted only when they can be held on the student's lap, and not obstruct the studentís view.


No food or drink will be consumed on the bus during regular scheduled routes. Every child should have a backpack for loose papers. Lunches may be carried in their backpack.


Students are not allowed to have in hand or mouth any objects, food, candy, gum, etc...while on the bus.


Students must remain seated at all times. They are not permitted to use the emergency windows, emergency doors or touch the safety equipment without the driver's permission.


No glass containers or objects, balloons, or animals are permitted on the bus.


Students are not permitted to open or close windows without the permission of the driver. Keep hands, arms, and heads inside the bus. Throwing objects in or out of the bus is prohibited.



Do not fight, engage in rough play, or use profane language or obscenities while waiting for the school bus, on the bus or after leaving the bus.


Students should not deface or cause damage to the bus in any way.


Tobacco products and paraphernalia are prohibited on the bus.


The Bus Driver has the authority to seat any or all students for any reason.



A student who is absent three (3) days without adequate excuse shall be reported to the Director of Schools/designee who will, in turn, provide written notice to the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the studentís absence.  If a parent does not provide documentation within adequate time excusing those absences or request an attendance hearing then the Director of Schools shall implement the progressive truancy intervention plan described below prior to referral to juvenile court.

Progressive Truancy Intervention Plan

Prior to referral to juvenile court, the following progressive truancy intervention plan will be implemented.

Tier 1

Tier 1 of the progressive truancy intervention plan shall include the following:

1.       A conference with the student and the studentís parent(s)/guardians(s).

2.      An attendance contract, based on the conference, signed by the student, the parent(s)/guardian(s), and an attendance supervisor or designee.  The contract shall include:

a.        A specific description of the schoolís attendance expectations for the student;

b.      The period for which the contract is effective; and

c.       Penalties for additional absences and alleged school offenses, including additional disciplinary action and potential referral to juvenile court; and

3.      Regularly scheduled follow-up meetings to discuss the studentís progress.

Tier l1

If a student accumulates additional unexcused absences in violation of the attendance contract in Tier 1, the student will be subject to Tier 11.

Under this tier, a school employee shall conduct an individualized assessment detailing the reasons a student has been absent from school. The employee may refer the student to counseling, community-based services, or other services to address the studentís attendance problems.

Tier 111

This tier shall be implemented if the truancy interventions under Tier ll are unsuccessful.

These interventions shall be determined by a team formed at each school.  The interventions shall address student needs in an age-appropriate manner.  Finalized plans shall be approved by the Director of Schools/designee.



The following procedure will govern how students, teachers, staff, and community members shall submit bus safety complaints:

 All complaints shall be submitted to the transportation supervisor Each bus shall be equipped with the phone number for reporting safety complaints.  This number shall appear on the rear bumper.

The transportation supervisor shall begin an investigation of all bus safety complaints within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt.

Within forty-eight (48) hours of receipt of the initial complaint, the transportation supervisor shall submit a preliminary report to the director of schools.  This report shall include:

1.      The time and date the complaint was received;

2.      The name of the bus driver;

3.      A copy or summary of the complaint; and

4.      Any prior complaints or disciplinary actions taken against the driver.

Within sixty (60) school days of receiving the initial complaint, the transportation supervisor shall submit a final written report to the director of schools that details the investigationís findings as well as the action taken in response to the complaint.